About this human:

Kelly is a writer, editor, educator, performer, and organizer. Originally from Raleigh, NC, they have a tendency to roam and feel most at home in liminal spaces. Kelly currently lives in the Piedmont of NC and primarily earns their living by coordinating the Communications and Public Outreach efforts of a higher ed advocacy nonprofit.


Prior to adventuring into academia, libraries, and nonprofits, they did over a decade in the service industry, was a professional baker, moonlighted as a bouncer, briefly did a stint as  a mother's helper, and spent a year organizing events and assisting with classes and registration at the Hugo House while working as an assistant editor for a literary magazine in Seattle.

Some of Kelly's favorite things are glitter, manatees, whiskey, sunbeams, pastries, and swimming. In their spare time, Kelly tries to teach their old dog new tricks, stress bakes, attempts to keep houseplants alive, manages The Gambler Mag, and struggles to come to terms with the concept of infinity.

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This human's education history:

2018:   MLIS - University of North Carolina at Greensboro

2013:   MFA (Poetry) - University of New Orleans

2008:  BA (Literature & Social Justice) - Antioch University Seattle

2006:  Poetry Scholarship Recipient - Hellenic International Studies in the Arts, Paros, Greece

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