An incomplete record of performances I've been a part of:


1. Labyrinth (Rock Opera)

Dance Magic Dance Productions (Carrboro, NC, 2009 & 2010)

2. Ophelia Bawls

The Poetry Brothel (New Orleans, LA, 2012)

3. Having Our Appendix Out

An improvisational dance performance in which we built an alphabet of movement, became dead fish, and aimed to explore bodies and meaning (New Orleans Fringe Fest 2012​)

4. Improv

Yes, I'm one of those people and though some of the improv communities I've been part of over the years have been tainted by sexual harassment, abuse, and a generalized male dominance, I've enjoyed taking classes and putting on shows.


I like to stay busy. Here are a few ways I've done that:

1. The Gambler Magazine

This project started in 2013, born of bar-talk late on a Monday night. The Gambler Mag accepts the fact that writing, like life, is largely a crapshoot. 

2. Gold Room Reading Series
From 2011-2013 I co-organized UNO'S MFA reading series and wrangled readers for a monthly works-in-progress show of talent for the local writing community.

3. Pizza Poetry Project 🍕

This is a fundraiser that a friend and I co-founded in 2014 with Big Class New Orleans.