Recent Journal Publications


The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls (an oceanic literary journal)

"At Shell Island I Glimpse the Future"



Voicemail Poems

"The Days Seem Longer When In the Morning There Is Rain"

Dead Mule School

"Christmas Poem, a Genealogy"

"If the Future Was Yesterday, then the Past is Forever"

Bone Parade

"Graveyards are Gardens that Embrace Those Who Lost"

Anthology & Chapbook Publications

Pull the Blinds
Black Elephant Press, 2016

Worry the Dead

Finishing Line Press, 2016

On A Wednesday Night: Poems From The Creative Writing Workshop At The University Of New Orleans

UNO Press, 2019

"The Sky Isn't Blue"
"When I Said I Wanted to Live..."
"Aubade for November 9th, 2016"

Older Poems in Journals (online & print)


Epigraph Magazine, issue 20

"The river fills with sticks and garbage…"


Ghost City Review, december 2018 Issue

"Attempts at Writing Cards Against Humanity, or Here’s to the Future"

Peach Mag, season 3

"Now That I Live in a Small City"
"The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory"

Bone Parade, issue 7

"When My Husband Flies Away for Work"

Oracle Fine Arts Review, volume XVI

"A Gift Can Be Tricky"

The Coraddi, 120.2 edition

"Bird of Passage"

"Five Haiku for the End of History"

"Honest Mistakes"

"When I said I was ready to settle down"

Reality Hands, issue 15

"A Note on the Porch and a Plant that's Gone Missing"


Rascal Journal, issue 2

"We're Wireless"

The Coraddi, 120.1 edition

"Haiku for Cicadas"


"Come On Pretty Momma"

Words Dance

"I Think the Answer to the Question May Be Zero"

"Carry On, Carrion"


Barzakh Magazine, issue 09

"Mardi Gras Poem"

No Assholes Lit. Magazine, volume 1 issue 9

"In A Window, Looking Out"

"Went Missing During the War"



After Happy Hour Review, issue 6

"When Trying to Trick Me, Do"


Sundog Lit, issue 11

"On Culture"

Rat's Ass Review, volume 4 issue 2

"Good Luck"

Thank You For Swallowing


BOAAT, march/april issue

"Old Habits"


IDK Magazine, issue 2

"The Gift of Forgetting"

The James Franco Review, issue 4

"Avocado comes from an old Aztec Word for Testicle"

"While Walking the Dog at One in the Morning" 


Clackamas Literary Review



NYSAI Press, fall issue: exphibian

"I've Tried to Erase This Image"


Cordella Magazine, issue 2: shelter

"In the Valley of the Cross"

"Mountain Earthquakes and Other Minor Catastrophes"
"Me and the Woodsman"


Rougarou Literary Journal

"The Gulf Between Us"


Out of Sequence: The Sonnets Remixed

"Truant Muse (sonnet 101)"


The Knickknackey, issue 2

"Go South Forever"


The Helix Literary Magazine, volume XVI

"Grandfather Said"


Words Dance, issue 16

"A Lovely Payphone, in Chicago"


The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society, volume I issue V

"Fragile Feathered Friends"


Synaesthesia Magazine, nonsense issue

"The Dog is a Poem"

"Dream Signs"


Quaint Magazine, issue 1

"Daddy Longlegs of the Evening - Hope!”

“Pull the Blinds”


Similar Peaks

"Dust Metropolitan"


Buried Letter Press, absence issue

"Whiskey and an Apology"

"The Dream"


Amethyst Arsenic

"Living Still Life"


Canary Lit Mag, winter issue

"For Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant"


Verbatim Found Poetry

"Of the Farm"


Knock Magazine, number 16, the greed issue

"D.I.Y. Strip Show"


Belle Journal, volume 1

"Trains Don’t Roar..."

"Imitating Fireflies"


Furious Season Magazine, issue 3

"Anthropomorphic Test Devices"

"For Jordan Lake"



Samizdat Literary Journal

"To Save, Press 9"


Espresso Ink, volume 3

"2,100 Miles Without a Map"



Cold Mountain Review, volume 39 number 2

"A Difficult Man"


Samizdat Literary Journal

"It’s Easy, Adam, Like Breathing"

"Raleigh to Seattle in Thirteen Days"

Knock Magazine, number 14, the crystal clear issue

"Killed by the Road"


Main Street Rag, volume 15 number 2

"Midwest December Highway"

Readings, Panels, and Artist Talks

Writers Talk w/ Passengers Press, Summer 2021

West End Poetry Festival Virtual Reading, Fall 2020

Pandemic Poetry, Virtual Reading Series, Spring 2020

Traumedy Show, Pittsboro, NC, Winter 2019

West End Poetry Festival, Carrboro, NC, Fall 2019

Indy's Poetry Contest Winners' Reading @ So & So Books, Raleigh, NC, Spring  2015

Artist Talk @ Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro, NC, Spring 2015

Hands On Literary Fest Reading @ Maison St. Charles, New Orleans, LA, Winter 2014

Featured Reader, Ladyfest, New Orleans, LA, Fall 2014

Panel Discussion “What Are Editors Looking For,” Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers, Fairhope, AL, Spring 2013

Featured Reader, River Writers Series, Baton Rouge, LA, Fall 2012

Featured Reader, Ladyfest, New Orleans, LA, Fall 2012

Featured Reader, GCACWT, Fairhope, AL, Spring 2011, 2012, and 2013

Class reading at the Maple Leaf, New Orleans, LA, Winter 2010, 2011, and 2012

Panel Discussion “When Two Become One: Merging of Identities in New Orleans’ Public Colleges,” Louisiana Association of College Composition, Lafayette, LA, Spring 2011

Nominations and Recognition

NCSU Poetry Contest Finalist (2021) for poem "Absence of Memory and a Pile of F Words"

Best New Poets Nomination (2017) for poem "When Trying to Trick Me, Do"

Pushcart Prize Nomination (2017) for poem "When Trying to Trick Me, Do" 

Sundress Press Best of the Net Nomination (2016) "The Gift of Forgetting"

3rd Place, Indy Annual Poetry Contest, 2015

"After My Great-Grandmother's Funeral" will be traveling on the R-Line throughout April for the Raleigh Review's Poetry on Buses project, 2015

Runner Up, Dallas Poets Community Chapbook Contest (for unpublished collection Between the Blue), 2014

Finalist, NC Humanities Council Linda Flowers Literary Award, 2013

Nominee, AWP Intro Journals Project, 2013

Honorable Mention, Andrea Saunders Gereighty Poetry Award, 2012


Communications Intern, Elsewhere Museum, Spring and Summer 2015

Poet in Residence, Art Farm Nebraska, Summer 2011